TypeScript is a great tool, which allows the creation of web applications to be easier, cleaner and more scalable than with JavaScript. TS consists of many features that bring the best from OOP languages to JavaScript.
Participants will learn more about the TypeScript features from a very basic level to the most advanced parts. They will have a chance to try those in practice and also understand how to use the TypeScript not only with a new project but also with a project that is already written in JavaScript. ts
Examples of topics covered during the training
  • Strong and weak types
  • Interfaces
  • Typing functions and classes
  • Decorators
  • OOP principles in TS
  • Generic types
  • Intersection types
  • Overloading
  • Enum
  • Literal types
  • Type guards
  • Non-nullable-types
  • Record
  • Partial / Required
  • Pick / Omit
  • Union
  • Discriminated Union
  • keyof and Lookup Types
  • Mapped types
  • Conditional types
All trainings can be adjusted

according to your needs