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JavaScript in 2024

Without any doubt JavaScript is one of the most popular programming language. It is very powerful yet still vastly misunderstood as it's mechanics strongly differs from mechanics of traditional OOP languages like Java or C#. When used correctly, JS can be beautiful and maintainable masterpiece
Nowoczesny JavaScript


TypeScript is a great tool, which allows the creation of web applications to be easier, cleaner and more scalable than with JavaScript. TS consists of many features that bring the best from OOP languages to JavaScript.


Angular is a great framework to create fast and scalable applications. Combined with TypeScript and RxJS it is a very powerful tool which allows the clean application structure to be achieved. This particular training is focused on building scalable and maintainable Angular applications with the use of TypeScript and RxJS.

Modern React (React hooks/Redux)

React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries providing component-based architecture. With the combination with state management systems like React hooks or Redux, React provides solutions to create well-structured codebase.
React + React hooks/Redux

Training process


During our trainings we explain the concepts behind the technology to be sure that participants understand its mechanics. We always explain not only HOW but also WHY. Understanding why the discussed concept looks this way and its philosophy gives a great advantage while using it and helps to avoid common pitfalls.

Real-life examples

Trainings always focus on practical knowledge. Technologies are being discussed based on real-life examples. During the training participants will also learn about common problems they can face and how to deal with them.


Exercises are a vital part of the trainings we provide. This allows each participant to check how the technology works and practice it.

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The trainings can be conducted in English or Polish. I work mostly within European borders but I am open to new challenges